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PolyGard®2 Series
Gas Detection and Control Solutions

PolyGard®2 is a family of advanced sensors and controllers for commercial gas detection, alarming, and ventilation control. Designed to meet the most rigorous international standards for performance and reliability, PolyGard®2 offers flexibility of system design, easy commissioning, and cost-effective life-cycle maintenance.

Versatile Building Blocks for Every Size Project:

  • DGC6 Controller with DT6/DR6/DC6/SCM6 field devices for mid- to large-projects
  • CGC6 Controller with DT6A[1] field devices for smaller, single-zone projects
  • MGC6 Controller with AT6 for user interface and control with up to three analog sensors
  • SGC6 powerful standalone sensor/controller for small space or large-space retrofit projects

UL 2075 Listed for Code Compliance Everywhere in the US: For parking garage applications, our UL 2075 listing distinguishes PolyGard®2 from most products on the market making it code compliant in every jurisdiction across the US. UL 2075 is a comprehensive performance standard and listing can only be granted by an independent, Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL).

Intuitive, Menu-Based Configuration Software: Of course the DGC6 controller has a multi-line display and pushbuttons to navigate the password protected configuration menus, but the system can be setup and troubleshot much more effectively using our intuitive, graphical PC software. And using this tool allows the system configuration to be archived for future reference.

Flexible Control Strategies: Whether the ventilation equipment is on/off, multi-step, or variable speed; whether the motor control points are in centralized panels or scattered throughout the facility; whether all sensors control the equipment as one zone or in multiple zones; PolyGard®2 is up to the challenge.

Toxic and Combustible Sensors for Most Applications: PolyGard®2 utilizes advanced, microprocessor-based sensor modules mated to sense-only (DT6, DR6) or sense and control (DC6, SCM6) field devices. Field devices may be configured with one, two, or three on-board gas sensors minimizing both material and installation cost. With innovative X-Change technology, these modules can be “hot-swapped” during periodic system recommissioning when the sensors and ventilation equipment are verified to be operating according to the desired sequence of operation.

Wire, Calibration Gas, Annunciators and More: INTEC Controls offers all the accessories commonly used on gas detection projects.

INTEC Controls is committed to getting contractors of the job… FAST! We collaborate with the contractor to develop the detailed sequence of operation (SOO) and bill of materials before bid submission. When the project is ready for installation, we load the SOO in the controller and pre-address the sensors. Because our tech support team has this project-specific information at their fingertips, phone support during commissioning is personal and very effective.

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See PolyGard®2 Commercial Gas Detection Brochure

[1] DT6A not UL 2075 Listed

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